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Horche is a municipality located in the province of Guadalajara, perfect for a rural scape in Castilla-La Mancha.

Historic monuments

Horche has many monuments to visit. Among them you should visit the hermitages, like the Hermitage of San Isidro, from the XVI century, located outside of the historic centre. About the Hermitage of San Roque it is said it was built during the end of the Black Plague as a gratitude for its end. The Hermitage of San Sebastián dates from the year 1100 and was built as a military fortress during the retake of the village. The Parochial Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción has a Renaissance style, but it was rebuilt in the XIX century due to the bad conservation conditions it had.

The fonts and the washing place from the XVI century were built to provide water to the people of the village.

Trekking routes

 If you want to discover the surroundings of Horche, we suggest some trekking routes with different itineraries.

The route of La Fuensanta is a circle of 3.5 km through the municipality of Horche, very close to the urban centre. The paths are in a good condition and the route can be done with kids.

The route of La Vega del Ungría is also a circle, and has 15 km walk between Horche and Lupiana. The paths are in a good condition.

The way up to El Picuzo is a round walk of 10.5 km in Horche with a strong way up until the pine forest of the Range of Horche, known as Picuzo. The paths are in a good condition.

In addition, the Tourism Office offers a Route through the Wineries on weekends and bank holidays. Tickets can be bought for € 7. In this route you will visit private wine cellars, natural springs and fonts.


Hoche is part of the Alcarria, a natural region located in the Southern part of the Meseta which includes parts or Madrid, Guadalajara and Cuenca. The Alcarria is formed by little villages with an interesting architecture and by bigger towns or cities that where manors in the past. Alcalá de Henares has some parts of an ancient sacromonte. In Almonacid de Zorita you can find a monumental area with remains of a medieval time. In Nuevo Baztán rises the impressive palace of Goyeneche in a baroque style.

Guadalajara is the biggest city in the Alcarria thanks to the economic development. Different styles can be appreciated on its architecture. In the alcazar and its wall you will see the Moorish style.